Audio Enhancement Products: Do They Work?

A few months ago, Kegan and I had done some tests on different foods that can affect your audio and what we found was quite interesting. However, did you know there are actual products out there that are said to enhance your vocals with a simple spray or throat drop? There are only a few that are actually said to help, but we knew we had to test these products out for you all to help you in your audio recordings.

  • First, we tried Entertainer’s Secret. This product has a lot of celebrity backing on their website and in magazines. Entertainer’s Secret is advertised not just for those in the business, but also if you are just dealing with a dry/itchy throat or hoarseness in your everyday life. So, let’s get down to our findings. The taste is definitely a personal opinion. I thought it tasted like stale vanilla while Kegan thought it tasted like cotton candy, so like I said it is absolutely and strangely personal opinion. It did not cause any numbing sensations in our throats, however we did notice a new feeling on our tongues. I noticed a light tingling sensation while Kegan simply felt more aware of his tongue. We tested the product immediately and also waited a few minutes to test the product again. At first we didn’t notice much of a change, but after waiting a while we noticed a difference. We felt more confident in our vocals, which is a very important aspect in and of itself. This product helped make our throats less dry and our voices noticeably more crisp in our recordings.
  • The second product we tested was Vocalzone, Throat Pastilles. We were introduced to this product at DevLearn in October 2014. Vocalzone also has celebrity testimonies on their website. This product doesn’t tell you much of what it is going to do, other than it “helps keep a clear voice”. Upon opening this product, Kegan and I were both incredibly skeptical. The pastilles look like they are going to taste like anise and it has a very odd smell. However, once we popped them in our mouths, after minutes of nervous laughter, the taste wasn’t bad at all, very similar to an Altoid! It did take awhile for the pastilles to dissolve completely, which was expected. My tongue and mouth felt numb, but my throat did not. Similar to Entertainer’s Secret our vocals simply felt better. Listening to our recordings, you can tell a difference as well. There isn’t any popping in our throats or words and we sound more consistent.
  • The third product we tested was an over the counter product, Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops, Honey & Pomegranate. Upon doing research for this I found many people referencing Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops as helpful and I also thought for readers it would be nice to see what over the counter products can do for you! So, the taste I found awful (due to the fact that I don’t like honey) but Kegan loved it. Burt’s Bee’s does offer other flavors, we just happened to have this specific one. This product caused us both to have a lot of saliva build up, which is noticeable in the audio recordings. We continually had to stop reading to clear our mouths. If you are sick and you have to record audio, this product won’t ruin your audio like eating a banana would.  However, I would not go out of your way to use this product as a vocal enhancer.

Out of these three products, Kegan preferred Entertainer’s Secret. It is an easier application and he felt it made his vocals clearer. I didn’t notice a huge difference between Entertainer’s Secret and Vocalzone in regards to how it enhanced my vocals. I think they both made my audio sound more crisp and noticeably better than using no product. However, Vocalzone caused me to breathe heavily (probably due to the menthol and/or peppermint oil) which you can hear in the audio, and nothing annoys me more than hearing someone breathing in an audio recording.

So, when it comes down to it, you can’t really go wrong with using either Entertainer’s Secret or Vocalzone to enhance your vocals. I think it boils down to personal preference of application and with that I agree with Kegan that Entertainer’s Secret is much easier and faster.

Have any products you use or any you want us to test out next? Let us know in the comments below!

Audrey is a senior Instructional Designer with the Learning & Professional Development team at Northern Arizona University. She has a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film with an emphasis in Entertainment Management and an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from NAU. With her experience as a newsroom weather director and on-screen talent, as well as multiple years of experience teaching in a university classroom setting, Audrey brings a unique perspective to the LPD team.

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