Audrey Nagel

Audrey is a senior Instructional Designer with the Learning & Professional Development team at Northern Arizona University. She has a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film with an emphasis in Entertainment Management and an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from NAU. With her experience as a newsroom weather director and on-screen talent, as well as multiple years of experience teaching in a university classroom setting, Audrey brings a unique perspective to the LPD team.

Helpful Tips for Tackling Presentation Jitters

Imagine you’re standing in front of an audience about to give a presentation. You might start to wonder, “why am I shaking?” “Why is my voice a pitch higher?” “Why am I dizzy?” “Why is my mouth so dry?” “Why am I rocking back and forth?” We’ve all been there before and nerves affect us all differently, some might feel …

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