Haley Ball

Haley studied Northern Arizona University, where she pursued her degree in psychology. She hopes to one day be able to study human behavior in the workplace as an industrial/organizational psychologist, where she wants to improve individual performance and health, while at the same time benefiting the organization as a whole.

Building an Effective Team in the Workplace

Building an Effective Team in the Workplace-01

Successful teams are cohesive because team members work cooperatively, sharing common goals as well as the resources to achieve them. They are productive, not because team members never disagree, but because they have worked out ways to resolve conflicts when they occur. They are efficient because tasks are assigned in a way that takes into account each member’s skills and …

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Networking Techniques for the Novice and the Amateur

Networking with unfamiliar people can be daunting and even terrifying at times. On the other hand, networking is a big part of making successful connections, and can typically lead to further career opportunities, or promoting your personal brand. Networking today does not always include purely exchanging contact information. Instead, there are a few more steps that need to be taken …

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6 Ways Introverts Can Get the Most Out of a Conference


For introverts, attending a conference can seem utterly exhausting and daunting.  Avoiding conferences altogether – or not talking to anyone while you are there – has the potential to harm your personal brand or business.  The good news is that you do not have to sacrifice your personality or alone time to get the most value from conferences and other …

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4 Common Quiz Question Mistakes


Assessing the learner’s progress is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your teaching style is effective for your learners, and that the learner is putting in the time and effort to grasp the material.  How else can we provide the best feedback or certify that the learner has met certain levels of understanding?  This is why it is important to …

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The Magic of Memory Tricks in ELearning


There are special people in the world known as ‘memory champions’. These special people are able to look at a string of numbers, a deck of cards, or bunch of random faces for a few seconds, then recall them with ease.  Your memory works like a computer; recalling information requires rehearsing the information. The difference between memory champions and those …

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The Professional Workforce and You: Where Do You Fit In?


Millennials are defined as a group of people born from 1980 to 2000, and according to Time Magazine, they are often described as, “self centered, under-achievers, and have an overwhelming sense of entitlement”.  Millennials are known for, “expecting to be able to make their own hours, caring more about how well they get along with their manager, wanting to move …

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How Social Networks Benefit Organizations


“Relationships in business mean everything; the relationship should be with the people behind the site, not with the site itself. Those in the organization must foster and nurture the relationship,” – Anne Pauker Kreitzberg, President of Cognetics. An online social network is a community of individuals with a common interest who use a website, or other forms of technology, to …

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