Kegan Remington

Kegan Remington, an Instructional Designer from NAU, specializes in Active Learning Pedagogy and the development of dynamic, collaborative, technology-enhanced learning environments. With a decade of experience in education, Kegan’s career is focused on developing high-fidelity learning materials, integrative learning environments, and promoting effective instructional techniques for the 21st century learner.

7 Reasons to Utilize Instructional Designers

ou are an instructor. You are walking down the hall towards your office when a new nameplate appears on the door of a previously unoccupied space: “Why do I need the help of an instructional designer?” You might ask yourself. “I’ve been designing and teaching my own instruction for years!” Although you have certainly perfected your craft over the years, …

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Mind Mapping

raphical Representation (often referred to as Mind Mapping or Concept Mapping) is a tactile learning tool gaining popularity in the training industry, especially in the academic community. The act of representing your own knowledge in creative, meaningful ways is a cornerstone of Constructivist pedagogy. It allows you to engage with the material at hand, link the material to your own …

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Metacognition – Learning How to Learn

s instructional designers, what is it we are trying to improve in our world? Learning? Teaching? Application of knowledge? Or some ideal state combining all three? I would venture to guess that very few of us design instruction focusing on only one aspect of learning. But how do we convince our learners to approach learning the same way? How do …

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