Sara Itogawa

Shira is a Visual Communication major at Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in Graphic Design. They’ve had four years worth of design experience with real life clients, and is excited to join the Learning and Professional Development team as a student worker. They work with their art to remind people of the beauty and good in this world that are often hidden by day to day stresses.

The Invisible World of Typography Pt.2

Look around you. At your coffee cup, at your phone, at that sticky note you wrote three days ago reminding you to get milk (which you still need to do). You are surrounded by text, you can’t escape it, and most likely, it’s all different. Size, shape, weight, and personality can be chosen and rearranged in an infinite amount of …

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The Invisible World of Typography Pt.1


Words are everywhere. We see them on doors, posters, sidewalks, signs, and other everyday occurrences. From the moment our alarms wake us up, to the lie of “I promise, this is the last episode before bed,” words are in constant use. Words can be verbal or visible, spoken or written. Though it’s hard to miss them, it can be quite …

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