Keying a Still Image using Adobe Photoshop


Take a look at D:2:L’s very first video tutorial, and follow along to learn how to key out a green screen on a still image using Photoshop. If you’d like to learn more, be sure to visit Audrey’s post, Utilizing a Green Screen, where you will learn keying for a video. Thanks for watching!

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Designing & Developing for Accessibility in Captivate


You’ve been tasked with a new project that will be created in Captivate and one of the requirements is that it be accessible. Where do you start? While there are many great resources online for the technical requirements of accessibility development in Captivate, you really need to start thinking about accessibility before you open any software. It is just as important …

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Audio Enhancement Products: Do They Work?


A few months ago, Kegan and I had done some tests on different foods that can affect your audio and what we found was quite interesting. However, did you know there are actual products out there that are said to enhance your vocals with a simple spray or throat drop? There are only a few that are actually said to …

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Can What You Eat or Drink Affect Your Audio?


Recording audio is one of my favorite things to do. I can go into the studio, focus and just do my thing. During my undergrad years, I studied Electronic Media and Film and classes included announcing techniques, which of course was my absolute favorite part of the program. We learned many things: how to use inflection, be conversational and so …

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Utilizing a Green Screen


Incorporating a green screen, also referred to as chromakey, into your work can expand your projects immensely. The Learning and Professional Development team at Northern Arizona University uses our green screen frequently for different things ranging from simple photography to interviews to full videos that we release once a month. Before You Start… Lighting! Before I go into the specifics …

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Recording a Podcast


So, you are thinking about starting a Podcast. First things first: what is your Podcast going to be about? You need to have an idea of what your “theme” will be before you get started, otherwise you’ll just be silently sitting in front of your equipment, and that won’t get any listeners. Podcasts are a great way to reach many …

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Captivate Ghost Lines


I cannot even begin to describe the frustration I felt as I pondered over the mysterious lines and screen glitches that were present in my Adobe Captivate videos. I had spent hours perfecting even the most minor details, yet there were these inexplicable lines. There was no reason for those lines to be there. They weren’t present in my screen …

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What’s New in Captivate 8?


Adobe Captivate 8 has been out for a couple of months now, and while we’re still learning the new features and quirks, our initial impression is this is a must-have software for our team. Captivate 8 launches eLearning into the era of mobile learning with it’s new responsive design features. In addition, Adobe has given Captivate 8 a makeover with …

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