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Free Resources You Should Be Utilizing

The internet is a great resource to utilize for your eLearning modules because there are free graphics, fonts, stock photos and much more! I want to help you be more productive and produce better training modules in half the time. Sound gimmicky? I promise you it’s not! Here’s a list of resources that took me years to find around the internet that are FREE that you can use on your eLearning modules.

Project Management Tools: – Asana is a free resource where you can imput projects, due dates, manage task lists, and much more. It’s also a collaborative tool where you can chat with your co-workers within projects. – Trello, like Asana, is a great free resource. It has the same features as Asana, just a little different functionality. Both are great tools for project management.

Stock Photography: – Unsplash is great for some fun adventury stock photography. They have everything from mountain landscapes, architecture, animals of every kind, and much more! This site is perfect for everyone looking to create hip and fun trainings. – Pexels is great for more business stock photography. You can find stock photographs of desks, collaboration, workplace attire, and much more. They have basically everything under the sun. It’s worth a look. – Like Unsplash and Pexels, it’s a great resource. However, Fancy Crave is unique because you can download large amounts of photos within a specific genre – for free! That’s right folks, free.  So, take a look – it doesn’t hurt, right?

Basically any stock photography that you might need for your specific eLearning module, you can find it on one of these three.

If you still can’t find a good stock photo that fits your specific needs, here’s some more sites that might help you:

Ok, so now you have stock photos – but how do you put content on them?

Graphic Creation Tools: – This easy to use tool will help you create social media graphics. Or, if you want to overlay words onto an image, this easy to use tool is perfect for you. – This tool is similar to Canva. You can apply filters and clean up those images that you got for free from a stock photography website and make it unique and tailor it specifically to your module.

Graphics: – For Creative Market, they have weekly freebies that disappear as the week ends. In order to stay current on the weekly freebies, I would recommend that you join their email list. They won’t spam you, and those free graphics sure are nice! – Lots of free stuff on here! I would also recommend signing up for their email list, just so you don’t miss anything good. They have free icons, fonts, graphics, templates, and much more!

Fonts: – If you’re looking to have a fun font on your eLearning module, there will be something on dafont. They have old western script looking fonts, futuristic fonts, and everything in between! – Font Bundles is another great tool to help you create a fun training.

With all of the resources, be sure that you are meeting the requirements to use them. Some require you to buy a full licence of the product if you are going to use their resource on a commercial project. But, all of them allow you to use their resources on a personal project which essentially means projects you aren’t selling or getting paid for.

These are only some of the free resources out there to help you create fun, up to date, and engaging eLearning modules. If you have any questions or have found other great resources, we would love to hear about it. Comment below!


*Designed:2:Learn is not affiliated with any of the above resources. They are all resources that I have personally used and would recommend to anyone.*

Ashlee is an Intermediate Instructional and Graphic Designer on the Learning and Professional Development team and has a background in Graphic Design and Photography. With over eight years of Photography and Graphic Design experience, Ashlee brings a unique talent and perspective to the team. She joined the Learning & Professional Development team in 2014 as a student worker and now works full time as an Instructional & Graphic Designer. She primarily works with Adobe products and is using her knowledge to help develop exciting new trainings. This opportunity allows Ashlee to reach out to the NAU community and create interactive ways students and staff can learn.

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