Meet the Team

SarahSarah Lipsey


Sarah is a Sr. Instructional Designer at Northern Arizona University.
After receiving a Master’s Degree from NAU in Literacy, Technology, and Professional Writing, Sarah returned to her home town of Omaha, Nebraska where she gathered almost 10 years of experience in Instructional Design. Sarah loves utilizing technology to create training, whether to teach people how to use a computer system, improve their sales numbers, or incorporate a new process into their daily routine. Her background in English and Technical Writing helps keep her focused on writing and editing to provide clear and concise content for training.

When the opportunity opened up with the Learning & Professional Development team, Sarah and her family (which consists of a bicycle-obsessed husband, two energetic daughters, and an annoying German Shepherd) jumped at the chance to move back to Flagstaff where they can ride bikes, hike, camp, ride bikes some more, and generally enjoy the outdoors without humidity or mosquitoes.

AudreyAudrey Nagellinkedin

Audrey is a Senior Instructional Designer with the Learning & Professional Development team at Northern Arizona University. She has a B.S. in Electronic Media and Film with an emphasis in Entertainment Management and an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from NAU.

With her experience as a newsroom weather director and on-screen talent, as well as multiple years of experience teaching in a university classroom setting, Audrey brings a unique perspective to the LPD team. She understands the importance of effectively presenting pertinent information both on and off camera to maximize the audience’s retention of learning material. She is passionate about the way video/audio is produced. Information, whether educational or for entertainment, cannot be absorbed or enjoyed if the video is not produced in an engaging manner. Framing, lighting, audio, presence of the talent, information being relayed, etc. all must be considered, and each focused on individually, to have a polished and engaging final product. Audrey believes that educational videos can and should be fun as that is the best way to captivate your audience while still delivering the intended message.

When she isn’t working with the LPD team, Audrey works with the local news station as a Community Anchor and Community Forecaster. She is passionate about fitness and creating memories with those closest to her.

AshleeAshlee Binderim

Ashlee is an Intermediate Instructional and Graphic Designer on the Learning and Professional Development team and has a background in Graphic Design and Photography. With over eight years of Photography and Graphic Design experience, Ashlee brings a unique talent and perspective to the team.

She joined the Learning & Professional Development team in 2014 as a student worker and now works full time as an Instructional & Graphic Designer. She primarily works with Adobe products and is using her knowledge to help develop exciting new trainings. This opportunity allows Ashlee to reach out to the NAU community and create interactive ways students and staff can learn.


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