Simple Color Schemes for your eLearning Modules

Looking for fresh, new colors for your eLearning module? Check out these quick, simple options to add some visual contrast and flair to your awesome content.

For a printable version, click here.

colors-04 #454C63



colors-05 #70CACF



colors-06 #EADF6A



colors-07 #0E5371



colors-02 #2AB1A3



colors-03 #F2F0EB



If you use one of these color combos, we’d love to see how you implemented it! Comment below and let us see your content.

Savannah is a Graphic Design Professor at Gila Community College, and is passionate about using design to better the world around her. She believes in researched design, and is a major proponent of paper before pixel. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, designing for small businesses and non-profits, and attempting any DIY she finds on Pinterest.

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