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Color Theory: Color Harmonies


Most everyone would agree that color is a necessity as a human. It creates diversity and interest, as the world would most likely be quite uninteresting if there wasn’t such a thing as pigment and hue. In a design, color allows one to draw an audience into a design or product through visual appeal. Through the use of color harmony, …

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6 Design Rules to Live By


If you’ve gone to college for a design degree, these tips might be second nature to you now. But when you’ve been handed a project or assignment that involves creating an eLearning module from scratch and have no previous knowledge of design, these tips will keep you on the straight and narrow. Just follow these six steps and you’re well …

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Simple Color Schemes for your eLearning Modules

Looking for fresh, new colors for your eLearning module? Check out these quick, simple options to add some visual contrast and flair to your awesome content. For a printable version, click here. #454C63 #F2F0EB #D78B28 #70CACF #424E4D #4DB376 #EADF6A #2C8299 #AADDE3 #0E5371 #7698A6 #99965C #2AB1A3 #EAE0BC #71254C #F2F0EB #2B5199 #E5634C If you use one of these color combos, we’d love …

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