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Free Resources You Should Be Utilizing

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The internet is a great resource to utilize for your eLearning modules because there are free graphics, fonts, stock photos and much more! I want to help you be more productive and produce better training modules in half the time. Sound gimmicky? I promise you it’s not! Here’s a list of resources that took me years to find around the internet that …

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Creating Online Software Training

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As an Instructional Designer, I’ve created online training modules for sales, safety, and new employee orientation, but most of my projects have been for IT systems training. Providing online, self-paced training for new software provides end users with the opportunity to see the system and maybe even interact with the system before they use it. Before I share my experiences …

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Design: Aesthetic vs. Function

As a graphic designer, the line between necessity for functionality and aesthetic is a blurry line. Designers make things ‘pretty’ but we have to make the design functional and easily understandable for the users. Designers are a median between the user and the backend creator. Website coders solely look at the functionality and users like to look at something that …

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6 Design Rules to Live By


If you’ve gone to college for a design degree, these tips might be second nature to you now. But when you’ve been handed a project or assignment that involves creating an eLearning module from scratch and have no previous knowledge of design, these tips will keep you on the straight and narrow. Just follow these six steps and you’re well …

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Creating a Dashboard the User Wants to Come Back To

Car Dashboard

A dashboard is user interface that somewhat resembles a car’s dashboard. It organizes and presents information in way that is clear and straightforward. One example of a dashboard is online banking. When you log into your bank account online, you usually see your account’s, messages or updates on your bank, and other information that pertains to banking. When creating a …

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DevLearn 2014 Wrap Up

At the end of October, the team of instructional designers from Designed:2:Learn traveled to Las Vegas to attend DevLearn 2014. The goal? To identify trends in the world of eLearning and collaborate with designers from around the country. Here are some quick take-aways from each of our Designed:2:Learn contributors. Steve Montague At DevLearn 2014 I focused on Immersive learning and …

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7 Reasons to Utilize Instructional Designers

ou are an instructor. You are walking down the hall towards your office when a new nameplate appears on the door of a previously unoccupied space: “Why do I need the help of an instructional designer?” You might ask yourself. “I’ve been designing and teaching my own instruction for years!” Although you have certainly perfected your craft over the years, …

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