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How Does Active Learning Translate to eLearning?

ctive Learning is a hot topic in the educational realm right now, especially among faculty and administrators in traditional P-20 learning environments. Everywhere you look, classrooms are being designed specifically to facilitate Active Learning, and curriculum is being developed that focuses on Active Learning, Constructivism, and Connectivism. But can Active Learning play a role in improving outcomes in eLearning? Let’s …

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Learning Objects: The Backbone of Modern Instruction

As more and more educational institutions begin implementing hybrid and fully online courses, instructional design processes will become exceedingly important. Design committees will not only need to evaluate course structure and learning outcomes, they will also need to create flexible learning environments. Traditional classrooms employing auditory learning techniques provide a platform that is easily customizable as objectives change and student …

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Mobile Learning’s Impact on Instructional Design

Mobile Learning Header

It seems the common catalyst for emerging learning theories like Connectivism, Online Collaborative Learning, Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs), Online Networked Learning Environments, and other online-oriented paradigms is the importance of establishing social presence in the learning environment. As Downes (2008) points out: the focus of a personal learning environment “is more on creation and communication than it is consumption and …

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Just-in-Time Learning: The Examples

Last month we told you why Just-in-Time Learning rocks. But, what does just-in-learning look like? How can you begin incorporating it into your own learning strategy? Let’s look at some examples from the Designed:2:Learn team. 1. Outside Resources One way we provide as many just-in-time learning opportunities as possible is we use outside resources, such as Lynda.com and the Microsoft IT …

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5 Reasons Just-in-Time Learning Rocks

Are you looking for ways to improve upon your current learning programs? One easy thing you could try is providing just-in-time learning opportunities to your students. Just-in-time learning allows learners the opportunity to access the information and learning materials they need, when and where they need it. Here are 5 Reasons why it is worth giving just-in-time learning a try: …

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