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Using Color Theory in Instructional Design

Have you ever been in class or in a training session and your professor or instructor starts a slideshow they made on powerpoint and you have difficulty focusing on the actual material because the overall composition is distracting? The color is especially throwing you off as the teacher has put white text over a bright red screen so the information …

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Connectivism: Learning as a Community


n a modern world where knowledge objects are ubiquitous and openly accessible, the roles of educators and learners must evolve to meet the growing needs of the resulting high-paced, digital society. Connectivism is an emergent, net-enabled learning theory that suggests the most important result of a learning situation is the ability of the learner to make connections between distinct ideas …

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Metacognition – Learning How to Learn

s instructional designers, what is it we are trying to improve in our world? Learning? Teaching? Application of knowledge? Or some ideal state combining all three? I would venture to guess that very few of us design instruction focusing on only one aspect of learning. But how do we convince our learners to approach learning the same way? How do …

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