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Mobile Learning’s Impact on Instructional Design

Mobile Learning Header

It seems the common catalyst for emerging learning theories like Connectivism, Online Collaborative Learning, Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs), Online Networked Learning Environments, and other online-oriented paradigms is the importance of establishing social presence in the learning environment. As Downes (2008) points out: the focus of a personal learning environment “is more on creation and communication than it is consumption and …

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Moving Beyond the Next Button

The Next button: It is such a little thing, but its impact on eLearning can be huge! Should the next button be there? Should we only allow them to click next once they’ve viewed the entire section? Where do we put the Next button, on the interface, on the playbar, or both? What do we do about the Next button? …

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Metacognition – Learning How to Learn

s instructional designers, what is it we are trying to improve in our world? Learning? Teaching? Application of knowledge? Or some ideal state combining all three? I would venture to guess that very few of us design instruction focusing on only one aspect of learning. But how do we convince our learners to approach learning the same way? How do …

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