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Team Structure

Team Structure

The Learning and Professional teams’ core mission is to provide learning services on NAU ITS supported services. Our team is made up of 7 members. As a team, we have structured ourselves in such a way as to play to the strengths of each member. This allows us to provide professional learning offerings to the NAU community.  So here is the way we have structured our team.

Team Lead: As leader of this group I attend meetings and arrange and manage the resources of the team. Ensuring that all members have what they need when they need it so that projects can be completed on time. Above all I act as a firewall between the team and other areas ensuring that the team members are able to focus on their tasks.

Instructional Designers: These members of the team act as project managers for the many projects the team takes on. They utilize team members and other resources to work with subject matter experts to bring about the agreed upon learning objectives. Using their expertise on choosing the best method of delivery.

Graphic Designers: I can’t say enough about the importance of making your content not only sound theory wise, but pleasing to the eye. You can have very sound content but if it is not presented in a pleasing manner learners will not get as much out of the modules as they could. This member creates professional graphics and ensures that our materials are aesthetically pleasing.

Media Developer: More and more we are creating videos utilizing our recording studio. As with most things, we are learning new techniques and this requires special skills to produce a high quality product. This positions fills the need to leverage this area of learning tools.

Instructional Designers apprentices:  These positions are filled by student workers. They help all the other positions in anyway they can, while allowing them to gain experience and receive guidance from experienced team members.  They are used as talent in our Tech Time series, they also closed caption our learning offerings, and from time to time lead small projects.

All in all, these positions work together to create professional learning solutions and as a group achieve what no one can do alone.  Of course we also do proofreading and editing and in  an ideal setting there would be a position dedicated to this. How is your team structured? Do you even have a team? Leave your answers in the comments section.

Steve leads the Learning & Professional Development team, with over a decade of Instructional Design and professional development experience in higher education at Northern Arizona University.

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